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It seems like a beautiful game, but I can't truly tell. You see, when I get to the very first act, just after clicking "Start", and all, I cannot move the character. Is there something I'm missing, or is it just a bug?

4 stars for what I've seen so far.

krangGAMES responds:

Looks like you've hit a bug :( Epic sadface, sorry about that. Can you PM me with what browser you're using and any other info you might have? Will try to work something out, thanks :)

Very, very good for 48 hours' work.

That's all that I have to say.

Sure I would love it, but...

No matter how hard I try, I can't get my arrow keys to work on this game. Otherwise, they are fully functioning arrow keys and I've played other games with them today. Yes, I made sure that I had clicked on the game so the arrow keys would be commanding it, and yes, I even fiddled around with the right click menu controls to no avail. Plz help.

Actually really easy.

Even though I like this game, it is a bit too easy. For instance, I got 2nd place for today on my third try (around 49,000 points).

iojoe responds:

It's a good score :) but in truth not so many people are playing the game, so you didn't have too much competition.

Did you unlock the final stage though....?

Awesome game!!!

Just one problem for me: All of the blood and guts was making my game really laggy whenever I got a big catch. Can you make an option to turn the blood off?


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If you pause the game after you complete a level, you can't continue.

Other than that, I love this game.


Just pure EPIC. Its so simple, but so EEEPPPIIICCC.

Very funny twist at the end.

LOL, the ending was so funny! I was wondering where you were going with this game (because your games usually have deeper meanings), but in the end, it all made sense! I played it again just to see the comparison between deep emotional depression and having to "go" really bad! This game was very well executed and I'm very surprised that it doesn't have a higher score!


Good, but...

I would absolutely love this game if it was easier to control the spaceship. You could have at least had an upgrade that makes the spaceship less crazy and hard to see when it's flying around the screen!

Other than that, this is a great game, but it definitely needs some tune-ups.

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